Foster Medina - Horror Author

Author of darkly twisted fantasy and bizarrely erotic horror. My imagination is a wild and kinky place where fantasies are free to bleed into nightmares.

Among my passions are extreme horror, bizarro horror, and erotic horror. I appreciate authors who push limits, cast aside all restraints, and just allow their imaginations to run wild.

I am also a fan of dark, perverse, fetish erotica. I love stories that put an imaginative twist on the darker passions, particularly those that mix themes of domination with the monstrous or the supernatural.

Yes, Foster Medina is my dark half . . . the George Stark to my Thad Beaumont, if you will. He's me, but without limits, a filter, or a conscience.

If you've been following along on WTF Friday, you should have a good idea what to expect. 

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